What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the applied science that seeks to improve the design and function of tools and other objects used by people. Ergonomics evaluate the interaction between humans and these objects. By understanding the range and capability of the human body, ergonomics work to optimize the efficiency and safety of these interactions.


Requesting an ergonomics evaluation involves the following two-step online process:       

Step 1:
  • Self-Evaluation – an online self-evaluation and training (iMtigate) must be completed. Upon completion, results will be provided, and recommended self-adjustments must be implemented.
Step 2:
  • In-person Ergonomics Evaluation Request – if the recommended self-adjustments are found to be unsatisfactory, a request for an in-person ergonomics evaluation from an employee’s supervisor can be submitted to the Ergonomics and Safety Manager 30 days after completing the self-evaluation (iMitigate).
  • Please send the results of your iMitigate ergonomics evaluation to Safety and Ergonomics Manager (Azadeh Imandel), Ergonomics Program Coordinator (Sarah Prince), your department Ergonomics Coordinator and your Supervisor. 
  • Don’t know who your department Ergonomic Coordinator is? Click on the link below to check the list !

Department Ergonomic Coordinators

  • Based on the result of ergonomics pre-assessment/ training we will be more than happy to submit a request to our consultant to conduct an ergonomics evaluation if needed based on individual ergonomics needs.

Ergonomics Self Evaluation Training with iMitigate

infographic of correct sitting posture


Contact Risk Management

The staff of the Risk Management division is available to answer your questions by telephone or e-mail.

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