A County examination may include a supplemental application, a screening process, a written test, a performance test, and/or an interview.  Not all examinations include all these parts.  For most entry-level positions, the examination will have two parts: a written test and an interview.

Check the Examination section of the job bulletin to see what the exam will consist of and how it will be scored.

The examination is based on the know ledges and skills listed under Qualifications on the job bulletin.  More complete job descriptions are available for you to read in the Human Resources Department office or on our website, but no specific study material is available.

You will be notified of the results from each test.  If you do not pass one of the tests, you will be notified and eliminated from the examination process.

If you pass the entire examination, you will be notified of the results indicating your final score and your rank on the eligible list.

Eligible List & Selection

The names of candidates who have passed the entire examination process are placed on an eligible list for that job.  The person with the highest score is ranked #1, the second highest score is #2, and so on.  Those who have the same score will be tied.

When a vacancy for that job occurs, names of the top seven candidates are referred to the department with the vacancy.  They are mailed a notice telling them the department will contact them to schedule an interview.  The hiring department interviews and selects the person it feels best meets its needs, and the individual is hired.  Persons not selected remain on the eligible list and may be referred again when another vacancy occurs.  Eligible lists remain in effect at least six months.

Probation Period

Every new employee serves a 6 to 18 month probationary period.  After successfully completing the probationary period, the employee acquires permanent status.  The probationary period is the final step of the examination process.

Other Information

Medical Examination:  Some positions require prospective employees to pass a medical examination administered by a County physician.  County medical standards must be met.

Veterans Preference:  Under certain circumstances, veterans may receive veterans preference points upon initial entry into the system.  If you think you qualify, check with the Human Resources Department to learn the specific requirements.

Extra Help/Temporary Appointments:  Occasionally departments hire people for short term assignments without a test.  The minimum requirements for the position must be met.  People who work in this status do not receive County benefits.

County Employees are selected by examinations open to persons regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.  U.S. citizenship is not required for most positions.

Testing/Examination Process FAQs

To be considered for a County job, applicants are required to take employment exams. Exam results determine the candidate’s ranking on the eligible list. These examinations are prepared in compliance with Federal and State laws or guidelines and will be based on the job requirements.

  • What are the different kinds of employment exams?

    • Examinations administered depend on the type of job you are applying for. Examinations could either be an application screening, written exam, oral examination, performance exam, assessment center or a combination of any two or three exams.

  • How do I know what exam(s) will be administered for the recruitment I’m applying for?

    • See "Application/Examination" section of the job bulletin.

  • How/When will I get notified of the exam?

    • Human Resources will send you a notice regarding your exam schedule and location. Notices are usually sent out two weeks after the recruitment closed or two weeks before the exam date. Most job bulletins provide examination dates.

  • How are exams graded?

    • Application screening is the review and evaluation of applications. It is used to narrow the candidate pool to those candidates whose background and experience appear to best meet the needs of the position.

    • Written exam are commonly used as a screening tool and are usually followed by another exam. They are usually weighted "pass/fail" which means you must pass the written exam in order to move on to the second phase of the examination process. Written exams are usually scored by a computer.

    • In an oral examination, performance exam or assessment center you will be rated against a list of dimensions (skills). Exam raters observe your skills in these areas during your exam/interview. Raters are comprised of subject matter experts in the field being tested. The interview, performance exam or assessment center is usually weighted "100%" which means this is your final grade and will therefore determine your ranking on the eligible list.

  • When do I hear the results of the exam?

    • Human Resources will mail you the results two weeks after the examination. If it was the final exam then your notice will usually include your final grade and ranking on the eligible list.

  • I received a letter saying I passed the test and I’m on the eligible list. What does that mean?

    • Most exam result notices will tell you your rank on the eligible list and how many months the eligible list is good for. Human Resources will send the top candidates off of the eligible list (usually top seven) to the department(s) with vacancy. In turn, the department will contact the candidates, conduct hiring interviews and make a hiring selection. If you are not one of the top candidates referred to the hiring department(s), your name will remain on the eligible list for the period that the list is good for.

  • What happens after the list expires?

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