Recommended Champion Profile

Individuals chosen to become engagement champions should be positive solution orientated persons who, ideally, posses:

  • Energy to drive engagement initiatives and a desire to create a more engaged workforce
  • Understanding of benefits of employee engagement
  • Credibility within the organization/department
  • Experience working with all levels of the organization, including senior leadership
  • Passion for helping others change and grow
  • Understanding of the challenges that managers/supervisors face in delivering results and developing more passionate, engaged team members
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to facilitate and coach and consult, and
  • Ability to be discrete, maintain confidentiality, and listen empathically

Expectations of an Engagement Champion

After certification, champions will be able to:

  • Be employee engagement experts
  • Educate colleagues about what engagement is and how to impact it
  • Encourage completion of surveys
  • Support the communication of survey findings
  • Help leaders interpret and act on the organization’s engagement findings
  • Support team meetings that managers conduct to involve employees in taking control of their engagement.

Time Commitment

After the initial certification training (below), the time commitment per Engagement Champion will vary based on demand for services. Managers/Supervisors will be encouraged to schedule facilitative services through a central point of contact (HR Organizational Development & Communications Manager) so that demand can be measured and workload can be equitably distributed. Prior to partnering a Champion with a Manager/Supervisor, HR Organizational Development & Communications Manager will check with said Champion to ensure he/she is able to honor the planning, facilitation and follow up service commitment without negatively impacting his/her primary workload. The estimated time commitment per Manager/Supervisor is provided below.


1 hour

Facilitative Services

1.5 – 2 hours

Follow Up

.5 hours

Total Commitment per Manager/Supervisor

4 hours