An assessment center has often been defined as a variety of testing techniques designed to allow candidates to demonstrate, under standardized conditions, the skills and abilities that are most essential for success in a given job. The assessment center process generally consists of a number of performance-related exercises that resemble actual work situations and activities to which a candidate should react.

The assessment center is most frequently used as a selection method for supervisory and mid-management level positions.

How to Prepare for an Assessment Center

  • Assessment Centers measure your ability to perform performance-related exercises that resemble actual work situations and activities. To prepare, familiarize yourself with the requirements and job duties of the position as outlined by the job bulletin and review your skills in these areas before the day of the examination.

During the Assessment Center

  • Each of the stations is timed and candidates are given the same amount of time to complete the exercise.
  • A group of subject matter experts will assess each exercise.
  • You will perform the assessment exercises in rotation. Once you’ve finished one exercise, a Personnel representative will direct you to your next exercise.
  • Assessment exercises target dimensions that are important to success in the position being tested. The candidate’s behavior elicited by the assessment exercises is observed by assessors who have been trained to interpret these behaviors in terms of the job dimensions.

After the Assessment Center

  • After you leave the assessment exercise station, the assessor begins the assessment process. The rater will assess your performance on each of the critical dimensions being rated.
  • When all the candidates have completed all the exercises, the assessors meet to pool the information they have accumulated. This usually takes the form of discussing one candidate at a time.
  • Human Resources will notify you of your examination results within ten working days.
  • Passing the performance examination does not mean you will be offered a position. It determines your placement on the eligible list. Depending on your placement on the eligible list, your name may be sent to the department(s) with vacancy and be considered/interviewed for the position.