Hiking is the most popular activity in the park. The main starting points are from the park's entrance, trailhead parking area and from the mountain's summit. Various neighborhood access points including Crocker Road and Carter Street also provide good starting points. Views afforded from many spots on the trails are unparalleled in the bay area.

Sightseeing is also popular. Radio Road, leading up from the main entrance, offers visitors the opportunity to drive to the summit of the Mountain and enjoy breathtaking views north to Mt. Tamalpais, east of Mt. Diablo and west to the Farallon Islands.

The park offers family picnic sites  near the park entrance that include tables, barbecue pits, drinking water and a restroom. The nearby grass area is a popular spot for recreational activities such as volleyball, frisbees and kite-flying.

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San Bruno Mountain Watch Class Hikes
San Bruno Mountain Ridge Trail

Hikes for elementary, middle school, high school and college students, planned with individual teachers to tailor outdoor experiences to curriculum needs. A variety of resources are available to stimulate learning and stewardship: wetlands, rare grasslands with endangered butterflies, and an Ohlone shellmound.... View more