San Bruno Mountain Ridge Trail

San Bruno Mountain Watch, a conservation group dedicated to protecting San Bruno Mountain, leads hikes for elementary, middle school, high school and college students, that can be coupled with a classroom presentation. Hikes are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Hikes are planned with individual teachers to tailor outdoor experiences to their curriculum needs. Ideally, during a school year San Bruno Mountain Watch plans 3 to 5 outdoor experiences, each coupled with a classroom visit and follow up activities.

There are a variety of resources on the mountain that are useful in stimulating learning and stewardship: wetlands, rare grasslands with endangered butterflies, and an Ohlone shellmound. Since 2009, San Bruno Mountain Watch has had its own native plant nursery, the Mission Blue Nursery in Brisbane, which is also an important resource.


San Bruno Mountain Watch constantly seek grants and individual donations to support their programs. To sustain the program, they do need to charge schools or classrooms for these services.  These fees are negotiable and operate on a sliding scale. No students are excluded on the basis of cost. One-time hikes (2-3 hr) and slide show (1 hr):  $2 - $5 per student. Four outdoor activities with classroom visits:  $300 - $800.