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Edward Bacciocco Jr. Youth Camp is available by reservation only an open between the 2nd Sunday in May through the 3rd Sunday in October.

The Edward Bacciocco Jr. Youth Camp Area is an area designed for day or overnight youth group camping. Set among eucalyptus, oaks, and coastal prairie, the area includes eleven campsites, a group picnic site, an amphitheater, restrooms with showers, and electrical outlets. The camp is located near trails where hikers can enjoy views of the bay, the San Francisco skyline, and the Pacific Ocean. Wildlife in the area include coyote, rabbit, several species of raptors, rare and endangered butterflies, as well as fourteen species of rare or endangered plants. The weather is prone to drastic changes, and campers should be prepared for a variety of weather conditions including heavy fog and strong winds.

To reserve this facility call the reservations desk at (650) 363-4021. Please contact the reservations desk for availability, fees, regulations and any questions you may have. For pricing information see youth camping fees.


# seated: 40

Drive to: Yes


Number: 3

Size: Double

Shape: Rectangle

Fuel: Charcoal


Available: Yes

Distance: 3 ft. 

Faucets: 2

Fountains: 0


Available: Yes

Distance: 3 ft. 

Outlets: 2

Amps: 20


Parking: 150 ft.

Playground: n/a

Trails: 50 ft.

Lawn Area: 10 ft. 

Rest Rooms: 150 ft.

Trash Area: 75 ft.


# Picnic: 33

Picnic Size: 8 ft. 

Picnic Shape: Rectangle

# Serving: 3

Serving Size: 8 ft. 

Serving Shape: Rectangle


Accessible: No

Drive to: 100'

To Parking: n/a

Trails: No

Tables: No

To Rest Room: n/a