February 26, 2020
  • Make your trip to Edgewood Park enjoyable, easy and safe with the following safety and parking tips.

    Be Safe on Edgewood Road

    As the Park’s popularity has grown, so have the demands on the limited parking spaces. Often, visitors park on Edgewood Road which is near freeway on and off ramps and carries a significant amount of fast-moving traffic. Please exercise an abundance of caution when crossing Edgewood Road and only cross at designated crossing areas. In addition, be extra careful in areas along the road that don't have sidewalks.

    Avoid Parking Difficulties

    Please note that parking on weekends and during the spring wildflower bloom can be especially limited. Cars parked in marked bicycle lanes will be ticketed. Consider arranging for someone or a car service to drive you to and from the park. Or, if you do drive, consider experiencing the other side of Edgewood by starting your hike at these alternate locations (see locations on the map below):

    1. Park on Edgewood Road west of 280: Enter the park via its namesake trail, Edgewood Trail, and travel .6 miles where you can continue 1.2 miles until you come to the Bill and Jean Lane Education Center.
    2. Park on Cañada Road: Start your hike at the Clarkia Trail and enjoy the park with a fresh perspective. After traveling .6 miles, you can connect with either the Serpentine Trail or the Sunset Trail northbound. You will hike another 2 miles before reaching the Bill and Jean Lane Education Center.

    We encourage you to come prepared with water, hat and sunscreen. There are no bathrooms at these trailheads.

    Edgewood Park map of alternative access points