Notice of Availability 

Notice is hereby given that the San Mateo County Planning and Building Department has prepared an Addendum to the Certified 2010 Big Wave Wellness Center and Office Park Project Draft EIR and Final EIR (2010 EIR).  This item is available for public review and comment at the locations listed below.

PROJECT FILE NO.:  PLN 2013-00451

PROJECT LOCATION:  The 19.4-acre project site is located on Airport Street, northwest of the Princeton/Pillar Point Harbor area, in unincorporated San Mateo County and consists of two Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APN) 047-311-060 and APN 047-312-040.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  The property owners, Big Wave LLC and Big Wave Group, have revised the Big Wave Wellness Center and Office Park Project (approved by the County in 2011 and denied by the California Coastal Commission (CCC) on appeal in 2012) to reduce project scale, concentrate development on the north parcel, include a boat storage use on the south parcel, including public water and sewer connections, increase wetland buffers, reduce project grading, and reduce project construction phasing timeframe from 20 years to 15 years.

The revised project, referred to as the Big Wave North Parcel Alternative Project (Big Wave NPA), includes the development of the north parcel (APN 047-311-060) with an Office Park, including five (5) buildings containing a total 189,000 sq. ft. of industrial/office/storage uses; a Wellness Center, including four (4) buildings containing a total 70,500 sq. ft. and a maximum of 57 bedrooms to provide affordable housing for a maximum of 50 develop­mentally disabled adults and 20 staff; and 554 parking spaces, including 63 spaces for coastal access public parking.  The project includes the development of the south parcel (APN 047-312-040) with a boat storage lot and 29 spaces for coastal access public parking.  The project requires consideration of the following:

1.      Use Permit for proposed parking uses to be located within the Airport Overlay (AO) Zoning District; the modern sanitarium component of the Wellness Center and its accessory uses; and Outdoor Boat Storage Use.

2.      Major Subdivision:  The north parcel (APN 047-311-060) would be subdivided into seven lots (Lots 1-7).  Lot 1 includes the common areas (wetlands, buffers, and fire trails).  Lots 2 through 6 would contain one industrial/office/storage building on each lot.  Lot 7 includes the four-building Wellness Center.

3.      Minor Subdivision:  The south parcel (APN 047-312-040) would be subdivided into two lots (Lots 1-2).  Lot 1 would contain an outdoor boat storage area.  Lot 2 would remain undeveloped.

4.      Coastal Development Permit, appealable to the CCC, for proposed uses, structures and associated grading, related water and sewer service, wetland habitat and other landscaping, and fencing.

5.      Design Review Permit for proposed structures and associated grading.

6.      Grading Permit to perform 735 cubic yards (cy) of cut for utility trenching and 21,400 cy of imported gravel.

7.      Adoption of an ordinance approving the execution of a Development Agreement with the County of San Mateo to allow for the phasing of project construction over 15 years.

COURTESY PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD:  July 31, 2014 – September 2, 2014.

Copies of this document are available at the following locations:  (1) the Planning Department’s website at // ; (2) the County Planning Department, 455 County Center, 2nd Floor, Redwood City, CA 94063; and (3) the Half Moon Bay Library, 620 Correas Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019.