Agritourism Guidelines

The San Mateo County Planning and Building Department and the San Mateo County Agricultural Advisory Committee’s subcommittee on agritourism have developed the guidelines for the review and establishment of commercial activities on agricultural land.

Appeal a Decision

See the documents attached below for information on the appeals process and a form for submitting your appeal.

C.3 and C.6 Development Review Checklist

The C.3 and C.6 Development Review Checklist captures a formal calculation of existing, new and replaced impervious surface at the project site. The completed form is required for all projects requiring a Planning or Building permit that would result greater than 150 sq ft of new or replaced impervious surface. A completed form is required to be submitted at the time of permit application.

Grading Regulations

It is the declared intent of the County of San Mateo to promote the conservation of natural resources, including topography and vegetation, as well as to protect health and safety, which includes the reduction or elimination of the hazards of earth slides, mud flows, rock falls, undue settlement, erosion, siltation, and flooding, or other special conditions. To achieve these goals, the adverse effects of grading, cut and fill operations, land clearing, water runoff, and soil erosion must be minimized.

Local Coastal Program

In late 1980, the County Board of Supervisors and the California Coastal Commission approved the San Mateo County’s Local Coastal Program (LCP). In April 1981, the County assumed responsibility for implementing the State Coastal Act in the unincorporated area of San Mateo County, including issuance of Coastal Development Permits. 

Midcoast Design Standards

The Midcoast has a unique character that makes it a desirable place to live. Although it is only a few miles from the more heavily urbanized Bayside, the Midcoast has a coastal, semi-rural, small town, diverse character that residents value and want to preserve. It is a collection of five distinct communities (Montara, Moss Beach, El Granada, Princeton and Miramar), each with individual neighborhoods differing in architecture, size, scale and character. The individuality of each community is vital to the overall character of the Midcoast.

Planning Permit Application Form

Download the form required to apply for a San Mateo County Planning Permit.

Regulation of the Removal and Trimming of Heritage Trees on Public and Private Property

San Mateo County is an area of great natural beauty and its outstanding heritage tree population has been and continues to be an invaluable asset in contributing to the economic, environmental, and aesthetic stability of the County and the welfare of its people and of future generations.