In 2023, the County adopted local amendments to the California Green Building Standards Code designed to shift toward an all-electric future, and away from reliance on methane gas. These local amendments are commonly referred to as “Reach Codes.” According to Peninsula Clean Energy, Reach Codes can help lower costs, reduce indoor air pollutants that may be harmful to the inhabitant's health (especially those with certain respiratory conditions), eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from gas appliances, decrease outdoor air pollution, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through electrification, the community can transition from burning methane gas and other fossil fuels to power provided by clean, carbon-free sources of electricity such as solar and wind. As a result, residents, businesses—the entire community—benefit.
Due to recent legal developments, the County has temporarily paused enforcement of the portions of its Reach Code that require new buildings to be all-electric (San Mateo County Building Regulations Sections 9218 (Section 4.106.5) and 9219 (Section 5.106.13).  However, the County still strongly encourages applicants to eliminate methane gas in new construction to achieve the benefits described above. The State is moving toward an all-electric future and the County would like to continue to be a leader in taking climate change action.