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Planning (650) 363-1825
Building (650) 599-7310
Code Compliance (650) 363-4825
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Staff Contact Info
Ainaz Nisha Payroll-Personnel Coordinator III
Amy Ow Administrative Secretary II
Angela Chavez Senior Planner
Angela Montes Executive Secretary
Ann Lok Lee Building Permit Services Supervisor
Atlanta Velgado Code Compliance Officer I
Aylin Yavuz Limited Term Building Permit Technician II
Bharat Singh Planning Services Manager
Brandy Vargas Administrative Secretary II
Camille Leung Senior Planner
Cecilia Cortez Office Specialist
Chanda Singh Senior Planner
Cris Miranda Information Technology Analyst
Curtis Cabalona Building Permit Technician II
Dayna Sherwood Code Compliance Officer II
Eleonor Hilario Code Compliance Officer III
Elizabeth Kimmel Information Technology Supervisor
Ellie Dallman Administrative Services Manager I
Erica Adams Planner III
Esequiel Mota Jr Building Inspector II
Farshid Asaddehghan Building Inspector II
Glen Jia Planner III
Glenn Morton Code Compliance Officer III
Godfrey Chapman Public Services Specialist
Gregory Hierro Office Specialist
Jessica Irving Information Technology Supervisor
Jessica Pun Management Analyst
Jim Bernadez Building Permit Technician II
John Bologna Senior Code Compliance Officer
John Briel Building Inspector II
Jonathan Bruns Planner I
Justin Kirksey Information Technology Analyst
Justin Wong Building Permit Coordinator
Kanoa Kelley Planner III
Katheryne Castro Rivera Planner I
Kathleen Wentworth Planner III
Katie Faulkner Planner III
Kevin Thorpe Code Compliance Officer I
Kira Ge Building Permit Technician II
Kirk Buckman Code Compliance Officer III
Lisa Aozasa Deputy Director of Planning and Building
Luis Topete Planner III
Maria Gonzalez Administrative Secretary III
Mercedes Segura Administrative Assistant II
Michael Schaller Senior Planner
Olivia Boo Planner III
Patty Camacho Senior Code Compliance Officer
Randall Cohen Planner II
Reece Jared Espera Office Specialist
Richard Vallejos GIS Specialist/IT Analyst
Rocky Chan Building Permit Technician II
Rosina Cheng Building Permit Technician II
Sam Becker Planner II
Sonal Aggarwal Planner III
Sophie Mintier Assistant Director of Planning and Building
Stephen Chan Building Plans Specialist
Steve Monowitz Director of Planning and Building
Summer Burlison Senior Planner
Tiare Pena Executive Aide
Tiffany Gee Planner II
Tim Sullivan Program Services Manager II
Travis Kappes Building Inspector II
Will Gibson Planner III