Forest Health

A healthy forest mingles grasses with shrubs and trees to create an open, diverse habitat that is more resilient to parasites and disease. Stronger, more mature trees absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere more effectively, which eases the effects of climate change, and less dense vegetation reduces the potential of a fast-spreading, destructive wildfire. Learn what a healthy forest looks like

Initiative Overview

The San Mateo County Parks Forest Health & Community Safety Initiative seeks improve forest health primarily in parks that are near private dwellings, also called the wildland urban interface. Most of the work will focus on constructing or improving shaded fuel breaks where small trees under 8 inches in diameter, tall brush and dead or dying vegetation is found along park boundaries, fire roads and residential roads.

The initiative identifies 32 projects totaling 1,830 acres to be competed over five years at an estimated cost of $18,750,000. Brief project descriptions for each of the 32 projects can be found in the 2021-2026 Projects document listed below. A 14-point criteria matrix was used to identify and rank high-threat areas. The details for the ranking process can be found in the Project Ranking Informational Spreadsheet, also listed below. Funding for first-year projects have been secured through San Mateo County’s Measure K and grants.

By evaluating and prioritizing critical projects to mitigate threats to life and property for multiple years, the department will be more effective in allocating staff and financial resources to the full scope of the work, including planning, permitting, treatment and retreatment of areas.

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    Forest Health Webinars

    We have been holding webinars to explain more about Forest Health projects in San Mateo County Parks and answer your questions. View recordings:



    • Begins February 2021
    • Ends June 2026


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    Past Projects

    Huddart Park

    Huddart Park Forest Health & Fuel Reduction Project

    Re-treatment of Kings Mountain Road Fuel Break

    View Project

    Pillar Point Bluff

    Fuel Reduction near Pillar Ridge Complex

    View Project


    Wunderlich Park

    Wunderlich Park Forest Health & Fuel Reduction Project

    View Project

    San Bruno Mountain Park

    Create and Maintain a Shaded Fuel Break from Crocker Entrance and Guadalupe Canyon Parkway – Daly City

    Saddle Loop Gorse Removal

    View Project

    Edgewood Park

    Create and Maintain a Shaded Fuel Break along the Eastern & Southeastern Boundary

    View Project