March 2024 Oxalis Treatment

In late March, workers were at Edgewood Park treating Oxalis pes-caprae, weather permittingThe work will involved three days of targeted application of the herbicide imazamox or triclopyr directly to foliage of the invasive plants. 

About the Project

From May through August in 2022, San Mateo County Parks conducted wildfire hazard risk reduction work over a 7-acre area in Edgewood Park. The project consisted of two components: 1) thinning understory vegetation within 100 feet of the eastern and southeastern park boundary to create a shaded fuel break and 2) removal of sudden oak death affected trees and other identified hazard trees within 200 feet of select trails and neighboring structures. Both components improved public safety and mitigated the threat of wildfire to nearby residents by thinning understory vegetation, removing dead and dying trees, and breaking the continuity of potential wildfire fuels. The project also preserved community evacuation routes and reduced potential hazards to infrastructure. This project was listed in the San Mateo County Parks Department’s Wildlife Fuel Management Program 2021-2026 Projects.

Learn more about San Mateo County Parks' Forest Health & Community Safety Initiative

Edgewood Park Fuel Break Project
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