New and Ongoing Fire Fuel Reduction Projects 

In 2023 San Mateo County Parks continues its efforts to enhance forest health and increase safety to nearby communities by reducing wildfire fuel in Quarry Park. Numerous projects are underway or planned. 

In July we resumed a fuel reduction project begun in 2022 in partnership with San Mateo Resource Conservation District aimed at treating up to 100 acres of dense fire fuels and creating a network of shaded fuel breaks along park fire roads and multi-use trails. This work will continue through October. 

Work planned for September and October includes: 

  • A CalFire-funded project to control invasive plant regrowth within previously treated areas. Work is scheduled to begin between Aug 28 and Sep 1, and continue through 2024. 
  • A CalFire-funded project to relocate logs in the fuel break along El Granada Blvd and the neighborhood of El Granada. Some logs will be positioned along the edge of the fuel break as habitat features. Work is tentatively scheduled to begin on September 11. 
  • A Measure K-funded project to clear trees fallen or damaged in Mirada East during storms in March 2023. Work may include removing of select trees along Mirada Fire Road which pose hazard to private property. Work is scheduled to begin in mid-September. 

These projects are listed among the San Mateo County Parks Department’s Wildlife Fuel Management Program 2021-2026 Projects.

Be Advised, Be Safe

Work may include a variety of fire fuel management methods such as manual and mechanical removal, chemical control of plant growth, use of large equipment to haul and chip woody debris. Please watch for and heed signs around work areas. For more information on specific trail closures see Quarry Park Trail Closures





Before and after photos courtesy of Erica Harris, Conservation Project Manager with the San Mateo Resource Conservation District.

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Previous Projects
2021 Quarry Park & Mirada East Shaded Fuel Break Along Fire Roads

A 100-acre fire mitigation project in partnership with San Mateo Resource Conservation District (RCD) which create shaded fuel breaks within 100 feet of select trails and removed hazard trees.

Quarry Park Governor's Project

In 2019, fulfilling an executive order from Governor Gavin Newsom, San Mateo County Parks collaborated with CAL FIRE to reduce the risk of catastrophic fire in Quarry Park by creating fuel breaks and shaded fuel breaks along primary access routes and fire roads and by expanding critical defensible space. These breaks are essential for controlling the spread of wildfire and preventing ground fire e

Coastside Wildfire Safety & Risk Reduction Meeting

View the Feb 10 informational meeting hosted by San Mateo County Parks and learn about wildfire risk reduction, fuel management, and public safety on the coast.