San Bruno Mountain


December 4–6, 2023, we are returning for the second time to conduct follow-up work on a fuels reduction project at San Bruno Mountain, near Florence St. and Mountain View Dr. Learn more

Current Projects
Shaded Fuel Break from Crocker Entrance and Guadalupe Canyon Parkway

Tree and fuels management along Old Guadalupe trail focuses on removal of 29 large declining Eucalyptus trees which pose a direct risk of failure onto Old Guadalupe trail. Removal of these trees will help to break the horizontal continuity of the eucalyptus overstory, and reduce the likelihood that trees or tree parts fail and obstruct the service road during an emergency. This first phase of work will help improve access for equipment and hand crews for future understory fuel reduction between Crocker Ave and Guadalupe Canyon Parkway.  This project also helps enhance the community protection benefit of other eucalyptus removal recently implemented by Daly City on their property adjacent Old Guadalupe Trail. 

Saddle Loop Gorse Removal

San Mateo County Parks is working to increase ecosystem health and community safety at San Bruno Mountain Park by removing invasive species, including Gorse in the area along the north side of Saddle Loop Trail, west of Carter Ave, Oakridge Ave and south of Alta Vista Way.

Hand crews will strategically cut and manage debris with a chipper. Mechanical treatment with a masticator will occur where access and terrain allow. Spot-application chemical treatment will occur where feasible. The initial treatment will take 1-2 years, with regular maintenance occurring over the following 1-3 years. View a map of the project area

In addition to increasing safety to the community by removing excess wildfire fuels, this work improves native habitat for the for the endangered butterflies of San Bruno Mountain.

Learn more about our Forest Health & Community Safety Initiative