In late 1980, the County Board of Supervisors and the California Coastal Commission approved the San Mateo County’s Local Coastal Program (LCP). In April 1981, the County assumed responsibility for implementing the State Coastal Act in the unincorporated area of San Mateo County, including issuance of Coastal Development Permits. 

All development in the Coastal Zone requires either a Coastal Development Permit or an exemption from Coastal Development Permit requirements. For a permit to be issued, the development must comply with the policies of the LCP and those ordinances adopted to implement the LCP. The project must also comply with other provisions of the County Ordinance Code, such as zoning, building and health regulations. 

This edition contains all Local Coastal Program policies, with amendments approved through August 8, 2012. We hope it will help you understand the requirements of the County’s LCP. Those planning projects located within the Coastal Zone should be designed to comply with these as well as other County requirements. These policies are adopted by reference in the County’s Zoning Regulations under Chapter 20B, Section 6328.19 through 6328.30. 

County of San Mateo | Local Coastal Program Policies 2013

Mid-Coast Land Use Plan Area (LCP)

Defines urban/rural boundary as a stable line separating urban areas and rural service centers from rural areas in the Coastal Zone and establish this line on the LCP Land Use Plan Map.

This map identifies areas confining new development to existing urban areas and rural service centers in order to:

  • discourage urban sprawl, 
  • maximize the efficiency of public facilities, services, and utilities,
  • minimize energy consumption,
  • encourage the orderly formation and development of local governmental agencies,
  • protect and enhance the natural environment, and 
  • revitalize existing developed areas. 

Concentrate new development in urban areas and rural service centers by requiring the “infilling” of existing residential subdivisions and commercial areas.

Local Coastal Program (LCP)

LCP Mid-Coast Land Use Plan Map