cover with bart station sketch

The Board of Supervisors adopted the Colma BART Station Area Plan in 1994 to plan for the redevelopment of the area within unincorporated San Mateo County, which includes the Colma BART Station. It recommends a process and physical development plan for gradual transition to urban uses that support the area's intended transporta­tion/transit role, as well as complement the character of the adjacent neighborhoods and business districts. The intent of the Area Plan is to encourage investment and new development within the area through a clearly established public policies and through a land use plan that provides investors with a level of certainty regarding the future of the area. The Colma BART Station Area Plan establishes plans showing the preferred location, intensity, and character of all land uses, capital improvements, and transportation systems, that will effectively implement the Colma BART Station Area Plan policies. Detailed policies and standards that will directly guide and control public and private investment and development in the planning area are provided to ensure that the ultimate character of new development is consistent with San Mateo County's long-range goals. Please contact Bharat Singh, Planning Services Manager (628) 204-1378 or with any questions.