Goals for Implementation of the General Plan

Accessibility of Information and Regulations to the General Public

Ensure that new or revised information and planning regulations meet the following criteria:

  • Regulations and information are clear, concise, readily available to the public and easily understood;
  • Regulations demonstrate a beneficial effect on the County; and
  • The impacts of new or revised regulations on property owners have been considered.

Continue the Principles of Existing Regulations

  • Continue those measures which are consistent with and necessary to carry out the goals, policies and objectives of the General Plan.

Periodic Review of General Plan

  • Review the General Plan at a minimum of every five years and identify the need for revisions to policies to reflect current needs and conditions.

Resolution of Conflicts

  • Recognize that conflicts may occur between two or more policies of the General Plan.
  • Resolve any conflicts in a manner which, on balance, results in the maximum advancement of the goals and policies of the General Plan. For example, broader policies which concentrate development in urban areas may override the objectives of a narrow, more specific resource protection policy.