How We Got Here: Reimagine Flood Park

Once a part of the Flood family estate, Flood Park has gone through several renovations in its 86-year history. The park once featured a large community swimming pool and in the 1950s, a large a baseball field was constructed for youth, adult, and collegiate games. The adobe administrative office, two restrooms, a ranger residence and maintenance building are all that remain of the Work Progress Act projects built in the mid-1930s. The most recent park improvements occurred in the 1980s.

In 2015, an assessment of the park revealed that many features and its infrastructure required major repair or replacement. To ensure the park meets the area’s current and future needs, the San Mateo County Parks Department first began engaging the community with the Reimagine Flood Park phase of the project. During the engagement process, the Department held five public meetings and online surveys asking the community to identify goals and priorities for reinvigorating the park and what current and new uses they want retained or added. We heard from over 500 meeting participants and received over 200 survey responses.

In December 2015, based on this input, project consultants presented three potential designs to the community, and through in-person votes, one design was selected. The preferred design was further refined through additional suggestions received by the community. View proposed plans and suggestions that helped develop the 2015 Flood Park Preferred Plan.

The landscape plan went through environmental review from 2017 through 2019. In 2020, the County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved it. Now, in 2022 we will seek more input from the community to design the features shown in the Landscape Plan.

Flood Park Project Timeline
Past Project Updates

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Flood Park Project Transitions from 'Reimagine' to 'Realize'

In 2022, the Flood Park project will transition from ‘reimagining’ to ‘realizing’ a new park for the community. View the recorded meeting of the newly formed Working Group, which will bring a range of perspectives to the park design. Learn More »

Friday, October 15 2021

Reimagine Flood Park Project Enters Next Phase

We’re excited to begin the next phase in the Reimagine Flood Park project that will call on community members to help develop the details needed to make the 2020 Revised Conceptual Landscape Plan a reality. Learn More »

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

CMG Named Landscape Firm for Reimagine Flood Park Project

CMG Landscape Architecture has been selected to develop plans, specifications and cost estimates for the redesign of Flood Park. Construction could begin August 2023. Learn More »

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Request for Proposals (RFP) Posted

Following a multi-year process of community engagement, conceptual design, and the California Environmental Quality Act process, we are now requesting proposals for the Reimagine Flood Park Design. View the RFP »

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Notice of Determination Posted

On November 10, 2020, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors approved the Flood County Park Landscape Plan and certified its Final Revised Environmental Impact Report and Errata. The Board also adopted the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) Findings of Facts and a Statement of Overriding Consideration. In accordance with CEQA guidelines, the Parks Department has posted the Notice of Determination to this project page. View the Notice »

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Revised Conceptual Landscape Plan Presented at Online Community Meeting

San Mateo County Parks hosted an online community meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 13, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. to provide updates on the Reimagine Flood Park project and present the revised conceptual Flood County Park Landscape Plan.

This plan reflects some suggestions we have received from community members as well as comments heard at the Nov. 5, 2019 San Mateo County Board of Supervisor meeting when the Flood Park Revised Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was presented.

The meeting was presented in English and Spanish, including a Spanish language interpreter available during the question and answer session.

View the video recording of the meeting on YouTube.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Board of Supervisors Requests More Information on Plan/EIR

At its November 5 meeting, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors received a presentation on the Flood Park Landscape Plan and Environmental Impact Report from Park staff. Because the Board asked staff to provide additional information about some aspects of the Landscape Plan, this item will be scheduled for a future Board of Supervisors’ meeting.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Flood Park Final Revised EIR Posted, To Be Presented to Board of Supervisors on Nov 5

The Flood Park Final Revised EIR along with Errata has been added to the project documents. On November 5, 2019, the San Mateo County Parks Department will present the Final Revised EIR to the Board of Supervisors for consideration. The meeting will be held at the Board of Supervisors's Chambers at 400 County Center in Redwood City and begins at 9 a.m. Learn more »

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Flood Park Landscape Plan Draft Revised EIR Released for Review

A Draft Revised EIR for the Flood County Park Landscape Plan has been released for a 45-day public review period. A public meeting is scheduled for September 17. Learn more »

Monday, July 8, 2019

Comments Received for Notice of Preparation for Flood Park EIR Revision

The comment period for the Notice of Preparation closed on June 10. Thank you, those of you who provided feedback. Comments have been collected and forwarded to project consultants for review.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Notice of Preparation for a Revision to the Flood Park EIR

In response to concerns raised by neighbors to the Flood Park EIR we will be conducting further analysis. See the scope and content of a forthcoming EIR revision and send us your feedback by June 7. View More »

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Final Review of Flood Park FEIR

We are conducting a final review of the Flood Park Landscape Plan Final Environmental Impact Report. When this is complete, the Final EIR/Response to Comments will be scheduled for review by the SMC Board of Supervisors. Once a meeting date is secured, it will be posted on the Parks website and an announcement will be mailed to residents who live near the park.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Final EIR to be Reviewed by Board of Supervisors

The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Flood Park Landscape Plan has been approved by the Parks Commission at their August 2018 meeting, and will go to the Board of Supervisors for their review.

August 8, 2018

Parks Commission Accepts Flood Park EIR

At the Aug 2 meeting, the Parks Commission accepted the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Flood Park Landscape Plan. Pending approval by the Board of Supervisors, the Department will work with a design firm to realize the plans for redevelopment.

June 5, 2018

Report to Parks Commission Postponed

The presentation on the project and EIR to be made to the San Mateo County Parks & Recreation Commission on June 7 has be postponed to the August 2nd meeting. The Commission will hear statements regarding the plan/EIR from the public at that time.

May 16, 2018

Final EIR Posted

The final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Flood Park improvement project is now available for review on the Re-image Flood Park project page. The report includes the October 3 Draft EIR and Appendices and the May 15 Final EIR and Response to Comments.

A presentation on the project and the EIR will be made to the San Mateo County Parks & Recreation Commission is on June 7. The public is invited to make statements about the final report to the Commission at the meeting. Acceptance of the EIR opens the door for construction design to begin sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.

March 7, 2018

The final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Flood Park improvement project is expected to be completed in mid-April. The document will be posted on the Re-image Flood Park project page and presentation to the San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Commission is slated for June 7. At that meeting, the public will be invited to make statements about the final report. Acceptance of the EIR opens the door for construction design to begin sometime late 2018 or early 2019.

February 5, 2018

Steps to the Final EIR

The review period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to restore and improve Flood Park is closed.  All comments received will be reviewed and evaluated as part of the process for creating the final EIR which will be posted on this site for public review and will be an item on an upcoming Parks and Recreation Commission meeting agenda.

November 20, 2017

Draft EIR Review Period Complete

From October 3 through November 16, San Mateo County Parks received input on a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to restore and improve Flood Park via a form on the Parks website. The review period is now complete. All written comments regarding the adequacy of the Draft EIR were required to be submitted during this time period.

Learn More »

April 10, 2017

Draft EIR to be Released in June

The Flood Park draft EIR (Environmental Impact Report), which was anticipated to be ready for review in April, will now be released in mid-to-late June 2017. The public will have 45 days to review the report and provide comment.

An announcement about the availability of the draft EIR for review and the process for providing comment will be posted on this website and at Flood Park, 215 Bay Road, Menlo Park. Individuals who requested notification will be informed by email and Park neighbors will receive notification by US mail. Information will also be posted on Nextdoor, the Department’s Facebook page and on Twitter @smcparks.

February 1, 2017

Read Flood Park EIR & Public Meeting Comments

The Notice of Preparation for the Environmental Impact Review was available for review between November 17 and December 16. On December 6, the Parks Department held a community meeting for residents to participate in an EIR scoping meeting for the Flood County Park Landscape Plan in order to learn about the process and identify items that they want to be included in the review process. Read a summary of the December 6 meeting and direct comments collected that night. Also see a summary of all comments.

November 9, 2016

Environmental Impact Analysis & Public Review

The Parks Department has selected Rincon Consultants, Inc. to conduct the environmental assessment and provide a Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This is in keeping with the direction given by the San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Commission when it approved the Preferred Alternative Landscape Plan for Flood Park at the April 2016 meeting. Rincon Consultants, Inc. has provided environmental consulting services for park, trail and open space projects throughout California for the past 22 years. The firm maintains nine offices in the State.

Key elements of an environmental impact analysis includes review of the existing environmental setting and how a project may have impact on the current setting. The process encourages public involvement through meetings and comment opportunities. A Notice of Preparation (NOP) of an Environmental Impact Report includes the project description and environmental impacts to be analyzed. See the NOP listed with the Reimagine Flood Park documents.

Pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines, Section 15082(b), the public review period of the NOP is from November 17, 2016 to December 16, 2016. Comments may be directed by December 16 to:

Sam Herzberg, AICP, Senior Planner
San Mateo County Parks Department
455 County Center, 4th Floor
Redwood City, 94063
Fax (650) 599-1721

Scoping Meeting

To begin the process, San Mateo County Parks and Rincon Consultants invite the community to a scoping meeting on Tuesday, December 6, at 7 p.m. in the Cypress Room in the Arrillaga Family Recreation Center located at 700 Alma Street in Menlo Park.

The meeting will serve as a forum to review and confirm study objectives. A project description providing a detailed description of the proposed landscape plan will be provided at the meeting.

  • August 2016

    Park staff are waiting for submissions from consulting firms experienced in conducting environmental impact analysis and preparing documentation. Once a firm is selected from those submitting proposals to do the work, the Department will announce an estimated timeline for the entire process, including opportunities for public review and comment. This information will be posted on this page and emailed to those who have requested to be on the Flood project notification. Park neighbors will be notified of the timeline through a mailed letter to their home addresses.

  • May 9, 2016

    Project staff are just beginning the environmental review process and will soon select a consulting firm to lead the process and develop related documentation. At this point, we do not have a timeline for the review. Once we do, this information will be posted on this site. We will continue to engage the community during this process. Findings will be posted and available for review and comment on the website. In addition, we expect to have at a minimum one public meeting. Announcement of findings and the public meeting date and location will be posted here and notices will be mailed to our current lists via standard mail and email lists.

  • April 2016

    At its April 7 meeting and before a full room, the San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Commission approved the Preferred Alternative Landscape Plan for Flood County Park in concept and directed staff to proceed with assessment of the potential impacts that the proposed plan may have on noise, traffic, and parking.

    Prior to the vote, the Commission heard from approximately 17 community members who attended the meeting. Some stated concerns about the potential increase in noise and traffic related to new park features, while others expressed excitement about the plan. In the next few weeks, Department staff will study the preferred plan with a consulting firm and determine if any elements of the plan could have an impact on the park and surrounding environment. The data collected during the study will be used for preparation of the environmental review document that will be shared with the public. This information will guide the park in the next steps of park design.

  • January 2016

    The presentation of the preferred plan to the Parks and Recreation Commission has been rescheduled to the April 7 meeting which will be held in the San Mateo County Board of Supervisor chambers at 4pm. The additional time will provide the opportunity for staff and consultations to develop plan details and projected costs.

    View the Flood Park Preferred Plan »
    View the Reimagine Flood Park Fact Sheet »

  • December 2015

    At the most recent community meetings for Reimagine Flood Park, held on December 9th & 16th, Park staff and representatives with consulting firm Gates + Associated revealed a new general plan for the park. The design reflected the overarching goals and facility and programs that participants had identified as priorities during the five community meetings that began early 2015 and an on-line survey. Meeting participants were excited about what they saw and the potential revitalization of the park through the proposed plan.

    The new park layout features a promenade that directs visitors to various park features, including a sports area, two play areas, picnic sites, a large group area, a multi-use amphitheater and new activities, including a basketball court, a bike pump track and bocce courts. Project consultants will begin factoring costs associated with renovating the park.

    Park staff expect to present the plan to the Parks and Recreation Commission on Thursday, February 4 which will be held in the San Mateo County Board of Supervisor chambers at 4pm. If the Commission accepts the plan, it then moves to the Board of Supervisors review and approval.

  • September 2015

    At the September 1st community meeting, held at the Fair Oaks Community Center, community members saw their suggestions reflected in several conceptual designs. Their input at this meeting will help the landscape architects develop a final design for the park. Outcomes for this meeting are detailed below.

  • June 2015

    A community meeting meeting is held on Tuesday, June 23rd at the Fair Oaks Community Center. The design firm Gates and Associates along with San Mateo County Park staff guide participants through several idea-gathering and sharing exercises. On-line surveys will follow the meeting to continue the engagement process. At least one more community meeting will be held sometime in August.

  • May 20,  2015

    The first community meeting is held on May 20th.

September 1, 2015 Meeting Notes

On September 1, 2015, the Parks Department hosted its third community meeting to redesign Flood County Park.  Meeting attendees were excited to see the conceptual park designs developed by project consultants Gates + Associates which were based on the park features and priorities stated in earlier meetings and through a survey. The goal of this meeting was to ask participants to identify a preferred design from among three designs presented and provide details on how to improve the designs. More than 150 people attended the meeting and provided the input and direction needed to further refine the designs.

Moving forward, the project team, which includes park staff and community representatives, will work with Gates + Associates to develop a design that will be ready for presentation at the February 4 Parks and Recreation Commission meeting at 400 County Center in Redwood City. Before that meeting there will be one more opportunity on line to view and comment on a close-to-final design.

The data gathered from more than 130 meeting attendees and 220 survey participants, indicated that the following were preferred:

  • A natural character for the Park
  • A focus on promoting healthy lifestyle, preserving existing trees and creating community gathering spaces and expanding the types of park use.

High priority uses included:

  • Unique play area
  • Picnic sites
  • Walking/exercise trails
  • A demonstration garden
  • Large event space for farmers’ markets, movies, concerts and weddings
  • A ball field

Medium priority uses:

  • Community building
  • Basketball
  • Splash Pad
  • Softball/Practice
  • Soccer
  • Dog facilities
  • Sand volleyball

Low priority uses:

  • Patanque
  • Chess