Common plants, which may be found here, are huckleberry, poison oak, ferns, redwood sorrel and horsetail. Animals seen in abundance are Steller's jays, acorn woodpeckers, western grey squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and banana slugs.

Pescadero Creek is a winter home for steelhead trout as they migrate upstream to spawn and then move back to the sea in the spring. This stream is viewed as a very significant part of the local watershed and riparian corridor system. Bloomquist, Hoffman, McCormick, and Peterson Creeks join Pescadero Creek within the park boundaries.

The summer temperature is pleasant and occasionally a cool fog drifts in from the ocean. In winter, the air is crisp and the ground and plants are moist. The yearly rainfall averages 40 inches and frosts are frequent.

All of the plant and animal species are protected in the Park, and their habitats may be off limits to park users. Please observe signs carefully, and stay on marked trails and out of areas designated as protected.

Prepare for a safe and enjoyable visit to Memorial Park and other San Mateo County Parks by being aware of your natural environment.