San Mateo County provides convenient electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at Coyote Point Recreation Area in the parking lot near Magic Mountain Playground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it cost to charge my EV?

Yes, EV drivers will be charged an hourly rate based on the charging duration:

  • For the County employee-designated EV charging stations, it is $1 per hour for the first four hours and $5 per hour after four hours.
  • For the public EV charging stations, it is $1.50 per hour for the first four hours and $7.50 per hour after four hours.

Who do I call to report a broken EV station?

Please report all problems to ChargePoint by calling 1(888)758-4389. Once reported, ChargePoint will report all problems to the County's EV Charge Up! Program staff. Upon notification of the problem, County staff will coordinate the repair of the EV station as quickly as possible.

Etiquette Guidelines

Safety first: Practice safe charging by properly managing the cord during and after charging. Avoid overstretching the cord, and ensure that the cord does not come in contact with other vehicles while charging. Once your car has finished charging, remember to wind the charging cord back up onto its holder, if the station is so equipped.

Active EV Charging Only: No parking, only active EV charging, is allowed in the EV charging stations. An EV can only occupy a charging station while the vehicle is actively charging. Internal combustion cars – including hybrid vehicles – are prohibited from parking in charge spots. As soon as the charging session is completed (i.e., your battery is full or when you have enough range to reach your destination), please unplug your EV and move it to an appropriate non-EV designated space to allow charging access for another driver.

Use Only When Needed: Please refrain from charging your EV if you don’t need a charge to get your next destination. For County employees, please leave spaces available for fellow employee EV drivers who rely on the chargers for their commute.

Unplugging Other EVs: Please do not unplug other EVs as it may disrupt charging or cause damage.

Communication on Coordination (for County employees only): If applicable, please remember to coordinate with the appropriate groups at your facility on utilizing the EV charging stations. Check to see if your site uses group texting communication, for example, to let other group members know when stations become available.