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Coyote Point Marina offers berths for sailboats, motorboats, and multi-hull boats at competitive prices in a beautiful and convenient location. The Coyote Point Yacht Club, which calls the marina home, holds numerous recreational and social activities, such as weekly sailboat races and a summer youth sailing program, and provides a bar and dining facilities to all members.

Gas/Diesel Pricing

Regular gas $6.50/gallon
Diesel $5.75/gallon

Park Information
Mark Bettis
1900 Coyote Point Dr.
San Mateo, CA 94401Get Directions
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Berthing at Coyote Point Marina

Nestled between the head of Coyote Point and the breakwater, Coyote Point Marina is situated out of the way of prevailing headwinds, and as a result enjoys sunny, warm weather in the spring and summer. Whether you’re a permanent berther or stopping in for a visit, the Coyote Point Marina is an ideal getaway destination.

Sailors will enjoy our spring and summer season. Afternoon winds typically blow 15–20 knots in the afternoons and taper off towards evening. The Coyote Point Yacht Club hosts weekly sailboat races for all levels of sailing enthusiasts. A number of other South Bay Races are normally scheduled during the sailing season. Power boaters will enjoy the ideal morning conditions of the spring and summer months, with gusty afternoon winds tapering off in the fall and winter.

The Marina is a safe and secure location for you and your vessel. It closes to the public after hours and has security posted at the park entrance. Marina gates and restrooms are locked and a security key card is required to access our main Marina parking area. Tenants are welcome to spend weekends aboard, but liveaboards are prohibited.

The Marina staff is here to help. When possible we will assist you in boating emergencies and we’re always happy to provide important local knowledge, weather, and safety information. We encourage you to fill out our customer satisfaction surveys and let us know how we can better serve you. Tenant meetings are held at least once a year so that we can hear your new ideas, concerns, or issues.

We are open everyday, including weekends and holidays. Our fuel dock is open from 8am - 4pm daily and prices are competitive.

Dock 29, which opened in June 2014, connects to Dock 27 and 28 with a 80' ADA ramp making all three docks ADA accessible. The new dock is much heavier and stronger than the dock it replaced and helps protect the other docks in the Basin II area from wind and surge.

Visiting Boaters

Visiting boats are always welcome at the Coyote Point Marina. Boats 45’ or less can always be accommodated. Our visitor rate is $ .50 ft. / night and boats are welcome to spend up to 10 days at the Marina. Boats are required to have current registration or documentation and must be able to provide proof of insurance. Our visitor dock is located on the north end of Marina Dock 13. The last 4 slips, slips 1334-1337 are 40’ x 15’ double finger slips and are approximately 8’ deep at a zero tide. Our shore power service is 30 amp, 110 volt, with 5 milli amp GFI breakers. Please call us in advance to arrange for visitor berthing.

Pricing and Availability

Coyote Point Marina has a variety of slips ranging from 24 feet to 60 feet. Side ties are available for boats 22 feet or less. We also have larger side ties for multihulls and vessels up to 75 feet. Please contact us for information about availability. Our normal slips are double finger, with 30 amp shore power and water service. Utilities are included in the price of each slip. Each slip also has its own dock box. The monthly rates listed in the table below are effective as of January 1, 2024.

Berth Size: Rate:

22' Side Ties


24' Berth


28' Berth


32' Berth


36' Berth


40' Berth


42' Berth


45' Berth


60' Berth


These fees are increased yearly every July based on the Consumer Price Index.

Online Payment Portal

Tenants are welcome to spend up to 3 nights per week aboard. Liveaboards are not allowed at the Coyote Point Marina. All tenants are issued passes to access the Recreation Area. Tenants have 24/7 access to the Marina.

Guest Berthing: $0.50 per foot of boat length per night. (Maximum ten day limit.)

Key/Card usage fees: Key cards:  $7.00   Key fob: $10.00   Remote Clicker: $35.00  These items remain the property of the Marina and must be returned upon vacating your berth.

See a table of Coyote Point Marina Fees & Charges on the Parks Department master fees list.