Caring for an asset of San Francisco Bay recreation
August 17, 2022
  • On August 6, 2022 we began our regular dredging of Coyote Point Marina. This 8-week project, which takes place every five years or so, makes the Marina safer for boats to navigate and allows us to operate at greater capacity by providing boaters better access to slips. 

    Dredging may not seem like the most glamorous project. It’s about mud. But it’s also about community! Coyote Point Marina is home to the Coyote Point Yacht Club, which organizes many activities for sailing enthusiasts and novices, from youth and adult sailing classes to regular cruises and regattas. A more usable Marina means that more people can enjoy these opportunities and other sailing activities that increase enjoyment of the San Francisco Bay.

    Youth Sailing at Coyote Point Marina
    Youth sailing at Coyote Point Marina

    As sediment moves around the Bay due to wind and tides it washes into low-flow areas and becomes trapped. The sediment trapped in Coyote Point Harbor is currently being dug out using a large mechanical excavator, loaded onto barges, and transported to a disposal site near Alcatraz Island.

    Excavator in action

    This project depends on the cooperation of Marina tenants, who must time their coming and going from the harbor with the work of the barges and participate in the large-scale, staff-coordinated boat juggling act that will allow for the dredging of each slip within the project area. 

    At this time funding has allowed for the dredging of half of the Marina harbor. This project will allow for the reopening of Dock 28, which has been closed for two years due to the shallowness of the sediment-filled harbor. The opening of the dock will make room for more boaters to rent slips at the Marina, particularly those with 40’ boats.

    Coyote Point Marina at Low Tide (Before Dredging)
    High sediment at low tide

    We’re excited for this project, for the convenience it will provide our tenants and the opportunity it gives us to serve more people. We’re happy that Coyote Point Marina can be the access point for so many to enjoy sailing on beautiful San Francisco Bay.