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The County of San Mateo has created this website for the Property Owner to provide all the resources necessary to maintain the measures on your property.

The stormwater treatment measure on your property is one of many in San Mateo County that help reduce the amount of pollutants entering the bay or ocean through the storm water system. Your efforts in maintaining your system directly contribute to clean water in the bay and ocean and reduced flooding in your community.  

These measures were constructed on your property at the time it was developed, in compliance with State requirements, namely the Municipal Regional Permit (MRP) which requires specific new development or redevelopment projects (such as subdivisions, new commercial, industrial development) in County of San Mateo and other local municipalities to construct stormwater treatment measures to handle the runoff from streets, driveways, roofs, and other impervious surfaces of the developments.  The MRP also requires the on-going maintenance of these measures, as well as inspection of these measures by the County at least every 5 years. 

The responsibility for the maintenance of stormwater treatment measures belongs to the property owner.  Maintenance duties are described in the Operation and Maintenance Agreement recorded for your property.  Tips on how to maintain Stormwater Treatment Measures can be found in the SMCWPPP Green Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance Guidebook.


O&M Program Contacts

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NPDES New Development Sub-Committee Representative
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