O&M of Private Stormwater Measures

Property owners are able to retrieve a copy of their Operation & Maintenance Agreement  for Stormwater Treatment Measures online. Please follow the instructions below to access your agreement.

  1. Visit Accela Citizen’s Access.
  2. Select the “Planning and Code Compliance” tab (an account is not required).
  3. Find your property using one of the following methods:

    1. Enter your street name and number in the relevant fields OR;

    2. Enter the APN (without any dashes) in the “Parcel No.” field and click “Search”

      1. If the APN is unknown, visit the County's Assessor Maps to look up the APN by entering the address of the site where the stormwater treatment measures are installed.

  4. Select the Record Number that begins with the prefix “NOM”.
  5. In the “Record Info” dropdown menu, click on “Attachments” to bring up all relevant attachments.
  6. The Stormwater Treatment Measures Maintenance Agreement is usually labeled as O&M Agreement. It can be downloaded by clicking on the name of the attachment.
  7. Appendix C of the Agreement includes the Inspection and Maintenance Checklists which must be submitted annually. Appendix C also includes a maintenance plan which should be followed to ensure proper function of onsite stormwater treatment measures.

*The County will inform you by mail in October when an inspection is required.  Fee is charged per inspection. If follow-up inspection(s) are required, the fee is charged for each additional inspection.