O&M of Private Stormwater Measures

The Municipal Regional Permit requires that each stormwater treatment measure is inspected by the County at least once every 5 years but may be inspected more frequently. This inspection differs from maintenance inspections performed by the property owner or property owner’s contractor in that County Inspectors will be conducting the inspection. The County requires the property owner or their representative (contractor) to attend the inspection so that the property owner can better understand the treatment system and better perform any necessary corrections. Inspections by the County are performed during the wet season and typically between November and February of every year.  

The County may require corrections to be performed by the property owner or property owner’s contractor.  If corrections are required by the County, corrections must be made within 30 days of the date of the inspection. Also, follow up inspections by the County and associated fees may be required to address maintenance issues identified. 

Schedule of Fees

In an effort to recover costs related to staff time, the County of San Mateo Planning Department collects the following fees:

  • O&M Inspection Fee: $165*

*The County will inform you by mail in October when an inspection is required. Fee is charged per inspection. If follow-up inspection(s) are required, the fee is charged for each additional inspection.