April 7, 2022
  • Dog

    At its April 5, 2022 meeting, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors heard and approved, the Department’s appeal to allow an off-leash dog pilot program to proceed at Quarry Park while upholding the San Mateo County Planning Commission’s denial of a Coastal Development Permit for the pilot program at Pillar Point Bluffs. The Commission’s decision was based on concerns voiced by some public speakers and commission members about program implementation at Pillar Point Bluffs. 

    Because the Board of Supervisor’s action can be appealed to the California Coastal Commission for review, commencement of the off-leash dog pilot program can’t begin until the appeal period has expired.  In the meantime, San Mateo County Parks will prepare signs and educational materials informing visitors of the pilot program, and the importance of cleaning up after dogs and staying within areas designated for off-leash dog walking.   

    During the 12-month pilot study, the Department will monitor and evaluate the potential environmental impacts in accordance with the program’s Adaptive Management Plan.

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