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Mirada Surf West is located in the town of El Granada just south of Pillar Point Harbor. It is one of the few undeveloped coastal bluffs in the region. The California Coastal Trail meanders through the 15-acre coastal bluff offering expansive views of the ocean and access to the beach from the southern end. To the east of Highway 1, directly across from Mirada Surf West, lies Mirada Surf East. This 34-acre property, which is protected open space, has a trail that leads to Quarry Park, a small 40-acre community park with a playground.

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191 Magellan Ave
Miramar, CA 94019Get Directions
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You will be amazed at the scenic views of Half Moon Bay and the Pacific Ocean. There are benches located along the path for peaceful sea-gazing and two picnic tables are located at the northern end of Mirada Surf West for a casual drop-in picnic. Hikers, joggers, equestrians, bicyclists, and dogs on leash will enjoy the California Coastal Trail as well as the trail leading inland to Quarry Park from Mirada Surf East. While there is no direct beach access from this property there is beach access to the south at Magellan Ave. and also at Surfers Beach to the north. Watch for interpretive signs that will teach you more about this beautiful coastal area.


A .36 mile multi-use and ADA accessible trail from Magellan Ave. to Surfers Beach provides an important link in the California Coastal Trail, a popular trail for sea-side strolls, jogs, or rides. Another trail leads from Highway 1 to Quarry Park through Mirada Surf East. A spur from this trail also leads to the residential neighborhood on Santiago Ave. All paths are open to hikers, joggers, equestrians, bicyclists and dogs on leash. Bicyclists must stay on the California Coastal Trail and park service roads only.

Parking and bathrooms are available at the southern end of Mirada Surf West off of Magellan Avenue.


This property was used for cattle grazing until converted into dry-land agricultural use (hay, red oats, and root crops) as early as 1861. The present day east and west Granada parcels came into being in 1906 with the Burnham Plan for the town site of Granada. The Burnham Plan of 1906 shows the east Granada parcel as a single purpose parcel that was a railroad serving South Granada freight station and train yards. Read more