As part of a year-long pilot, dogs are allowed off leash on many trails within Quarry Park. Below is a map of allowed dog trail use within the park.

Quarry Park Dog Pilot - Allowed Dog Trail Use

Please note: Dogs are not allowed in the playground area or within the fenced area of the pump track.

The Pilot Program 

In April 2022 the Parks Department began a 12-month pilot to assess the viability of off-leash dog recreational use of trails in Quarry Park. Trails selected for the pilot are largely located away from environmentally sensitive habitat areas, are wide enough to support safe passing by trail users, and provide a variety of hiking experiences for park visitors and their dogs. Quarry Park was determined to be a good location to introduce off-leash dog recreation since dogs have been allowed on-leash in the park for many years. 

San Mateo County Parks is currently collecting data within the park that will allow us to evaluate potential impacts of off-leash dog recreation in the park. This data is being compared to on-leash baseline data collected for 9 months prior to the pilot. View the Dog Pilot Data 

Project Background 

The Quarry Park Off-leash Dog Pilot was developed by the San Mateo County Parks Dog Work Group, a collaborative effort between the Parks Department and members of the community tasked with finding the best ways to expand dog recreation opportunities within the San Mateo County Park system. Learn more about the Dog Work Group 

The pilot originally included trails at both Quarry Park and Pillar Point Bluff. When the Parks Department applied for a Coastal Development Permit (CDP), the application was denied for both parks by the San Mateo County Planning Commission at their Feb. 9, 2022 meeting due to concerns about program implementation at Pillar Point Bluff. On April 5, 2022 an appeal of the Planning Commission’s decision was heard by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors. In agreement with the Planning Commission, the Board denied the CDP for the pilot program at Pillar Point Bluff but approved it at Quarry Park, finding the Quarry Park Off-leash Dog Pilot to be in conformity with the Local Coastal Program, General Plan, and zoning regulations.