This 1,052-acre park has three fresh-water creeks, which flow year round through lush valleys, the south and middle forks of the San Pedro Creek and Brooks Creek. They are of particular significance because they provide some of the few remaining spawning areas for migratory Steelhead in the county. The Steelhead spawning season is normally from December to February. During the rainy, winter months, a special attraction is the beautiful Brooks Falls, which has a drop of 175 feet in three tiers.

Among this sensitive streamside habitat thrive common plants such as Coast and Giant Trillium, Creek Dogwood, Arroyo Willow, Watercress, and several species of ferns. In the springtime, the meadows of the Middle Valley show off an array of wildflowers: California Popies, Suncups, Buttercups, Wild Radish and Wild Mustard. The thick Coastal Scrub protects some rare plants: Giant Golden Chinaquapin, Montara Manzanita, Fetid Adders-tongue, and California Hazelnut.

Wildlife is abundant at San Pedro Valley. Park inhabitants often seen are red-tailed Hawks, Turkey Vultures, Quail, Scrub Jays, and Garter Snakes. Those observed less frequently include Deer, Bobcats, Grey Fox, Raccoons, Rabbits and Gopher Snakes.

Prepare for a safe and enjoyable visit to San Pedro Valley Park and other San Mateo County Parks by being aware of your natural environment.