Quarry Park Pump Track Aerial View

The Quarry Park Pump Track is a square-acre area of circuit of rollers and banked turns designed to be ridden solely by a biker using up-and-down body movements i.e. “pumping” instead of pedaling or pushing. The track features:

  • A beginner/intermediate track
  • An intermediate/advanced track
  • A perimeter skill-building track with rock garden, teeter-totter, bridge wave and log pile features
  • Picnic tables and a bike fix-it station

The track opened in July 2022. Its design is the result of a collaborative process between San Mateo County Parks and the local biking community.

Pump Track Tips
Quarry Park Pump Track Tips

The pump track receives regular maintenance every Wednesday and may be partially or fully closed that day. Learn more.

Please note: Dogs are not allowed within the fenced track area.