Pescadero Creek Park

After the CZU Lightning Complex Fire burned over 2 ,800 acres of Pescadero Creek Park in 2020, San Mateo County Parks partnered with Auten Resource Consulting to comprehensively assess post-fire conditions and develop a plan to manage the park’s forest ecosystems going forward.

The Climate & Habitat Resiliency Plan focuses on nurturing Pescadero Creek Park’s native species, habitats and ecosystems to cultivate a forest that is more resilient to climate change and landscape events, such as disease and fire. Goals include:

  • Restore ecosystems and promote old growth forest habitat
  • Reduce forest density and nurture native species growth
  • Conduct fire fuel reduction to make forests more resilient to wildfire
  • Protect sensitive resources through mitigation practices
  • Identify and implement monitoring, education, and research opportunities
  • Protect and maintain park infrastructure and facilities
  • Foster resiliency and ecological health in Pescadero Creek Park

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Read the Plan or, for a shorter read, the Plan Summary:


November 28, 2022

San Mateo County Parks Plans for Future of Pescadero Creek Park

The Pescadero Creek Park Climate & Habitat Resiliency Plan will be presented to the Board of Supervisors on December 6.
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