October 25, 2017
  • Helping more people connect to parks and outdoor activity is an ongoing focus of San Mateo County Parks. While there are 20 parks located throughout the County, the Department realizes that getting to those locations presents a challenge to some San Mateo County residents. Watch this video to see how two park programs improve park access through direct transportation and through assistance in establishing small parks in unincorporated communities.


    Research has shown that contact with nature and easy access to physical activity have significant impacts on health. Recently, the Parks Department added mini-parks to its classification system and developed a Mini Parks Policy that targets the growing demand for smaller parks within the more urban unincorporated areas of the County where there are no governmental agencies providing this service. Learn more about the Mini-Park policy, steps to take to propose a Mini-Park to the County, and about funding that may be available to assist community groups in this effort.