July 27, 2021
  • On July 12, the first of two San Mateo County projects in Woodside focused on reducing fire risks and improving forest health and community safety began in Wunderlich County Park. During the next two years 402 acres will be treated—218 acres in Huddart Park and 184 acres in Wunderlich Park.

    Timber Pro TL 735C coming through the Wunderlich County Park gate at the top of Alambique and Skyline Trails.

    A week earlier, work crews brought in some of the heavy equipment that will be used along with hand tools to reduce overgrown vegetation and remove trees that are small, diseased and dead to create shaded fuel breaks that can function as defensible landscape during a fire. The fuel breaks also serve as escape routes and enhance quick access by first responders.

    Prime Tech 300 (PT 300), outfitted with a mulching/masticating head attachment.

    Before crews began, a consulting forester, San Mateo RCD and San Mateo County Park staff identified and flagged sensitive biological and cultural resources, rocks and potential ignition sources, and targeted shrub and tree species for retention.

    It will take approximately three months to treat the project area in the upper portion of Wunderlich County Park. During that time, Alambique and Skyline trails will be closed. See a map of the closed trails »