September 20, 2023
  • Use Caution During Habitat Enhancement Work, Stay On Trail

    From Thursday, September 21 through Monday, October 2, the San Mateo Resource Conservation District and San Mateo County Parks will be working in partnership to implement a habitat enhancement project in Pescadero Creek Park which involves felling large trees into the creek. Please stay on open trails – do not use closed trails or go off trail. Going off trail may pose a significant safety threat.

    Pescadero Creek Park Partially Reopened 

    Due to the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, Pescadero Creek Park is partially open. The portion of the park north of Pescadero Creek as well as the creek itself are open. Additionally, the western portion of Old Haul Road has reopened, including access to Shaw Flat. Other areas to the south and east remain closed.

    As part of this closure Ocean View Trail, Butano Ridge Trail, Portola Trail, and part of Old Haul Road from trail marker 65 eastward remain closed. Access to the closed area from Portola State Redwoods is prohibited (See Portola State Redwood trail advisories). Tarwater Trail Camp remains closed.

    Storm Damage Closures

    Due to landslides and trail erosion caused by Winter 2023 storms the following trails are closed:

    • Shingle Mill Trail closed to equestrians
    • West Brook Trail between markers 28 & 40
    Pescadero Creek Park Trail Closures

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