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This area is approximately 4 acres in size. It has a woodchip surface with a 5%-15% slope; paths are paved. Some shade is provided by wood structures built on each site. The surrounding vegetation includes oaks and small redwoods. Expect temperatures of 70°F-90°F in the summer. An amphitheater is available upon request or permission. Parking is shared among all park users and is available on a first come, first served basis.

To reserve this facility call the reservations desk at (650) 363-4021. Please contact the reservations desk for availability, fees, regulations and any questions you may have. See day camping fees for pricing information.


# Standing: 150

# Seated: 150

Drive to: No


Number: 31

30 BBQs - 24" x 15"
1 BBQ - 36" X 24"

Shape: Rectangle

Fuel: Charcoal


Available: Yes

Distance: 180 ft.

Faucets: 5

Fountains: 5


Available: No

Distance: n/a

Outlets: n/a

Amps: n/a


Parking: 275 ft.

Playground: 1570 ft.

Trails: 900 ft. 

Lawn Area: 1180 ft.

Rest Rooms: 160 ft.

Trash Area: 90 ft. 


# Picnic: 63

Picnic Size:
62 tables - 8' x 28"
1 table - 12' x 28"

Picnic Shape: Rectangle

# Serving: 0

Serving Size: n/a

Serving Shape: n/a


Accessible: Yes

Drive to: No

To Parking: 0 ft.

Trails: No

Tables: No

To Rest Room: 0 ft.