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This picnic site is conveniently situated near the Magic Mountain Playground as well as a large grass playing field. Trees provide partial shade, and a paved surface provides accessibility. The site has two tables and one grill that will accommodate up to twenty persons. There is no electricity to the site and all sites share common water. Parking is shared among all park users and is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact the reservations desk for availability, fees, regulations and any questions you may have. For pricing information see group picnic fees.

To reserve this facility visit our on line reservations system or call the reservations desk at (650) 363-4021.


# Seated: 20

Drive to: Yes


Number: 1

Size: 15' x 20'

Shape: Rectangle

Fuel: Charcoal


Available: Yes

Distance: 30'

Faucets: No

Fountain: Yes


Available: No


Parking: 355'

Playground: 300'

Trails: n/a

Lawn Area: 5'

Rest Rooms: 300'

Trash Area: 15'


# Picnic: 2

Picnic Size: 40' x 8'

Picnic Shape: Rectangle

# Serving: 0


Accessible: Yes

Drive to: No

Parking: Yes

Trails: No

Tables: Yes