Huckleberry Flat #3 Shower/Restroom Shared by Huckleberry Flat Camp Sites Example of a BBQ at Huckleberry Flat Huckleberry Flatt Dog Waste Station Huckleberry Flat Food Locker

Huckleberry Flat #3 is a tent-only family campsite for dogs and their owners. The area measures 70 by 43 feet and is partly shady due to surrounding redwood, tan oak, Douglas fir and huckleberry. Days are usually sunny, but sometimes damp and cool. A nearby bathroom and shower facility is shared by all nine Huckleberry campsites. The site has pull-in parking space for three cars, and a limited amount of extra parking is available in a nearby overflow parking area for $6 per vehicle.

Visitors are required to bring a dog when staying at this campsite. Dogs must remain on leash and under owner control at all times, and are permitted only in Huckleberry Flat and in the Loma Mar Redwoods portion of Memorial Park. See a map of areas where dogs are allowed

To reserve this family campsite, or for questions regarding availability, fees, or regulations, please call the reservations desk at (650) 363-4021, Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. See Family Camping on our Fees & Charges page for pricing information.


12 persons

3 dogs

Drive to? Yes

Site Amenities

BBQs: 1

     Size: 24" x 60"

     Shape: Rectangle

     Fuel: Wood, Charcoal

Fire ring: 1

Food locker: 1


# Picnic: 2

Picnic Size: 36" x 92"

Picnic Shape: Rectangle

Water & Electricity

Water Available: Yes

Electricity Available: No


Restrooms: 200’

Trash Area: 40’


Accessible: No