Choctaw Youth Campground Photo  Choctaw Youth Campground Photo  Choctaw Youth Campground Photo

Please note: The Choctaw Youth Campground is available for use by reservation ONLY and open from Memorial Day weekend in May to October 31.

This site is approximately 2 acres in size containing a dirt and wood chips surface with a 10% slope. Its surrounding vegetation is made up of redwood, fir, oak and madrone, which provide a lot of shade. Expect mild to warm summer days, cool nights and sometimes heavy fog due to coastal influence. Flush toilets are located by the parking lot. Choctaw is a hike-in area allowing one car per group for emergency purposes.

To reserve this facility call the reservations desk at (650) 363-4021. Please contact the reservations desk for availability, fees, regulations and any questions you may have. See youth camping fees for pricing information.


Maximum Site Capacity: 50 people

# Parking: 1

Drive to: Yes


Number: 2

Size: 36" Diameter

Shape: Round

Fuel: Charcoal


Available: Yes

Distance: 25 ft.

Faucets: 2

Fountains: 2


Available: No

Distance: n/a

# Outlets: n/a

Amps: n/a


Parking: 2640 ft.

Playground: n/a

Trails: 50 ft.

Lawn Area: n/a

Rest Rooms: n/a

Trash Area: n/a


# Picnic: 4

Picnic Size: 36" x 12" 

Picnic Shape: Rectangle

# Serving: 0

Serving Size: n/a

Serving Shape: n/a


Accessible: No

Drive to: No

To Parking: n/a

Trails: No

Tables: No

To Rest Room: n/a