Cirrus Cloud

No matter where you are in the world you can almost always look out your window and find clouds! You can look for clouds anytime throughout the day.  This activity is something you can do with those around you or by yourself.

First learn the different types of clouds from the sheet included below. Then test your skills with the cloud finder in your yard or even from inside looking out a window! You can always look back at the sheet or print it out if you need a reminder.

How to make your own

Print out the attached cloud finder frame of images for easy reference to which clouds you might be seeing. Using scissors, cut out the white box in the center labeled “Cut Out Here”. Cut a piece of cardboard or stiff paper as a backing for the page you printed. You will need to cut the same size rectangle out of the backing material as the printed page so they will match up and you can see through the box. Attach the printed cloud finder images to the backing with glue, tape or staples.

To use

Hold your cloud finder up to the sky and frame it around one type of cloud. Use the images on the frame of your cloud finder to help identify the cloud you are looking at. 

Fun tip: You can write down and keep a record of the clouds you see throughout the week. See if you can predict the weather based on what you see and most importantly, have fun