• Our Mission

    The San Mateo County Arts Commission champions the arts as essential for a healthy and vibrant community by shaping innovative cultural policies, creating inclusive and diverse programming, investing in the creative economy, and ensuring access to arts and culture for all.

    The Arts Commission supports arts events, programs, outreach, engagement or services that create social vitality in neighborhoods, K-12 schools and with underserved constituencies. The Arts Commission provides funds to assist arts organizations in building a strong presence in the community, growing audiences and expanding services and programs to the community and to children in grades K-12 and to educate and expose county residents to a wide range of artistic and cultural expression.

    The Arts Commission consists of ten members, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, two each residing in one of the supervisorial districts. It exists to promote and encourage the arts, to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Supervisors, to prepare and update the county's strategic and cultural plan, and act as a liaison with arts organizations to ensure collaboration and coordination related to culture and art activities in San Mateo County.


    Our vision is that by 2030 San Mateo County is known and recognized as an arts-rich community with diverse and inclusive arts events, programs, and services accessible and equitable to all residents. Arts organizations, artists, local governments, businesses, and learning institutions will work together to ensure that the vision becomes a reality, not only for our residents, but also by attracting visitors from outside of our area. We believe that the arts, culture, and creativity unite, connect, and inspire all people and are integral to every aspect of the diverse lives in San Mateo County. The Arts Commission will continue to evolve in such a manner as to strengthen the capacity to ensure the successful achievement of our mission, vision, and the goals set forth in this strategic plan.

    Arts Commission Strategic Plan Cultural Equity Statement Arts Commission Toolkit 2022