Josephine Deciron is an accomplished creative professional who thrives in leading teams and spearheading innovative programs. She drove successful launches at an AI/chat startup as part of the founding executive team, and in operations at Google. She has also led product for educational tech companies.

Her interest in art began as a love for drawing and creating before transforming into a passion for shaping development processes, design management, and crafting meaningful, delightful experiences. By infusing her craft with joy, Josephine aims to brighten the lives of others. Her artwork has been showcased at various locations such as the de Young Museum, the Goethe-Institut SF, Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, and L'Éclat de Verre in France. With a rich background having volunteered in organizations like the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth

Josephine Deciron - Art's Commission Commissioner for District 3
Josephine Deciron
Commissioner for District 3