Deepa Nair is a storyteller, multidisciplinary video artist and a film scholar. She works at the intersection of social and environmental documentary films and experimental video art. She grew up in India and her work is deeply informed by her cultural roots.

Her hybrid documentaries seek to amplify unheard narratives, often from the underrepresented communities. Her work has been part of various film festivals across US and Canada. Her screen dance film, Navarasa, was selected to be part of an international video art group exhibit in 2020.

Deepa holds an MPhil in English Literature from the University of Delhi, India and a MA in Cinema Studies from San Francisco State University. She was an Associate Professor of English Literature and taught Literature and cinema courses for almost a decade before moving to SF/Bay area. She worked with multiple film festivals as a film programmer in San Francisco before turning to film production.

She teaches Film studies and production at Chabot college and also serves as the Arts Commissioner for the San Mateo County.

When she is not making films or teaching, you can find her practicing Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form and studying and photographing the local wildlife

Deepa Nair - Commissioner for District 2
Deepa Nair
Commissioner for District 2