Ticket Administrator for the Distribution of Tickets to Events Received by the County of San Mateo

Tickets and passes to events received by County officers and employees who have not paid consideration of equal value constitute a gift under the Political Reform Act (Government Code §82028) and regulations adopted by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (“FPPC”).

Pursuant to the FPPC regulation section 18944.1, the Board of Supervisors adopted a Policy on Distribution of Passes and Tickets that are received by the County. This policy designates the Clerk of the Board or his designee as the "Ticket Administrator" to distribute tickets in accordance with the ticket policy. Below is the complete Policy For Distribution Of Tickets Or Passes Received By County Of San Mateo Officers And Employees.

The ticket policy sets forth the following:

1. That the public purpose in distributing tickets and passes to events is to promote County resources, programs and facilities, to monitor and evaluate County venues and County-sponsored events, and to promote cultural, recreational and educational facilities, services and programs available to the public within the County.

2. That the distribution of any ticket or pass by the County to, or at the behest of, a County official is to accomplish the public purpose of the County.

3. Prohibiting the transfer by any County official of any ticket or pass, distributed to such official pursuant to the County policy, to any other person, other than members of the official's immediate family solely for their personal use.

In order to fully implement the requirements of the new regulation, the County is also posting certain information regarding the distribution of tickets and passes on the this website.

California FPPC Form 802 Tickets Provided By Agency Reports: