About the Project

The Midcoast Multi-Modal Trail (Trail) is a bicycle and pedestrian commuter trail that will provide an alternative means of transportation for residents of the Midcoast to safely access neighboring communities, town centers, schools and recreational destinations without having to travel on the highway.  The Trail, commonly referred to as the Parallel Trail, was conceptualized in the community developed Highway 1 Safety and Mobility Improvement Study, Phase 1.  The Trail will be separated from the highway and have minimal interaction with vehicular traffic allowing it to serve residents of all ages and abilities. 

Conceptually, the trail will span from Montara south to Miramar where it will connect with the Naomi Patridge Trail in Half Moon Bay.  This will provide for a continuous, regional bicycle and pedestrian commuter trail.  By providing residents the opportunity to walk and bicycle throughout the coastside, congestion on the highway should improve and residents will once again be able to travel throughout the Midcoast. 

Arial view of trail locationTrail_between_El_Grenada_and_Half_Moon_Bay_W_of_1011_0.jpg
Segment 1

The first segment being implemented is between Mirada Road north to Coronado Street.  Conceptually, the trail will be located in Highway 1’s eastern right-of-way the entire length of the trail.  With this alignment, the Trail would be easily accessed by residents living on the east side of Highway 1, require no highway crossings and act as a Safe Route to School for children at El Granada Elementary School.  The details of the alignment will be finalized through an alternative analysis and environmental review.


For questions or comments about the Midcoast Multi-Modal Trail, please contact:

Mike Schaller, Senior Planner