How to apply?

For new installations, submit an application that identifies the property, lists the name of any architect or engineer who will work on the project, and describes the proposed work in detail. Along with that application, submit the following:

  • A floor plan showing the locations of the furnace or heater, the heat registers, and the return air registers
  • Manufacturer's specifications showing the minimum installation requirements, BTU rating, and certification by the State of California
  • A statement of how you will comply with the combustion air requirements
  • Electrical plans showing how the furnace or heater will be energized
  • Plumbing plans showing the gas piping system.

A separate handout entitled Plan Requirements describes requirements in greater detail and gives examples of how the various plans should be drawn.

You do not need to submit plans for a replacement furnace or wall heater.

What fees must I pay?

You must pay building, mechanical, plan check, microfilm, and filing fees. Depending upon the location of your project, you may also have to pay planning and geotechnical fees.

For more information on our fees, please see our fees page.

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