1. Submit Building Permit

Familiarize yourself with Building Permit requirements and fees on our Building Permits page. Fill out a Building Permit application form and submit it to the Building Department.

2. Provide Missing Items

If items were identified as missing from your Building Permit application (for example: fees, signatures, survey), please make sure to submit the missing items as soon as possible. If details are missing on your plans, please wait until you receive the Comment Letter to resubmit revised plans.

3. What is Required before My Permit Can Be Issued?

a. Before a Building Permit is issued, the application must meet permit requirements, applicable County regulations, and requirements of applicable Review Agencies. The Application must also be reviewed and approved by all applicable Review Agencies. For a list of applicable Review Agencies for your permit, please see the “Review Agency Staff” list below.

b. To track comments from applicable Review Agencies, please go to the “Permit Center” on the Planning and Building Department website. Click on BUILDING, enter your permit number in all CAPS (i.e., BLD2016-01234), and click “Search”. Then click on “Record Info” and “Processing Status” to track the status of sign-offs and see comments by Review Agencies. (NOTE: Log-in Info is only required to submit on-line Building permits; it is not required to check the status of a building permit that has already been submitted).

4. Comment Letter

Within 30 days of the date of application, the Building Inspection Section will issue a comprehensive Comment Letter with comments from applicable Review Agencies.

5. Resubmittals and Review Timeframe

Please wait until you have received all comments from applicable Review Agencies before submitting revised plans. Resubmittals (revised plans to address the Comment Letter) submitted prior to the completion of the Comment Letter or before all comments have been addressed will not be accepted. In your plan Resubmittal, please address all comments. Please submit 5 sets of revised plans and requested information through the Building Counter, not to individual review agencies. Please allow a 30-day timeframe for the County’s review of resubmittals.

6. Plan Changes, Revisions and Review Timeframes

Changes to the drawings that are not related to comments require extra time to review. For Revisions (changes made to the plans after the permit has been issued), please estimate a 30-day review timeframe.