How to Apply

Many residential Energy Storage Systems (ESS) now qualify for instant permit approval.  Visit our Symbium tool to see if your project qualifies for instant permit approval.

The following ESS are not eligible for instant permit approval through the Symbium tool: commercial systems, or residential ESS over 38.4 kW alternating current nameplate rating.  These can be applied for using our online permit center.

You will need the following project information to complete the application:

  • ESS manufacturer and model
  • Size (kWh)
  • Total number of units
  • Location (detached structure, attached garage, exterior wall, outdoors, closet, or utility space)
  • Separation of ESS units

Additionally, you will need to submit the following required documents:

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Single Line Electrical Drawing with Warning Labels,
  • Warning Placard
  • Electrical Wiring Details
  • Load Calculations for EVC with under 200A Main Panel
  • Mounting details
  • Manufacturer Specifications

What Fees Must I Pay?

Applicable fees, including those listed below, are assessed online via the online permit application.

For more information on our fees, please see our fees page.

  • Application fee: $50
  • Electric Storage System: $450.00 for the 1st storage unit, $50.00 for each additional unit
  • Document storage fee: 2% of Planning and Building fees
  • Technology fee: 4% of Planning and Building fees
  • Legal counsel surcharge: 5% of Planning and Building fees
  • Service fee: $25 (only for permits processed through Symbium tool)

If you need to change an energy storage system permit that was issued through Symbium, please contact the Building Counter with your building permit number and address.