Streamlined residential solar permits are now available. Symbium's online, automated permitting platform automatically checks for code compliance and issues permits in real time for residential solar and energy storage systems.

How to Apply?

  1. Enter your property address in the address bar below. Symbium will provide rich data about the property and its permit history.

    NOTE: Only addresses that are in unincorporated areas of San Mateo County will be recognized. If your address is not recognized, your property is within the boundaries of an incorporated city or town. Please contact that city or town.

  2. When you’re ready to apply, click on the Rooftop Solar or Battery Storage Installation button under the Property Improvements section. See sample image below.

    symbium screenshot
  3. Answer some questions about your proposed solar energy system. See sample image below.

    Screenshot of Symbium questions
  4. Review the analysis provided. Symbium will instantly check for compliance with State and local regulations and provides a detailed analysis of why (or why not) the project meets code requirements. See sample image below.

    Screenshot of applying for permit
  5. Apply for your permit and pay fees. You don’t have to leave Symbium to submit and pay for your permit application. Using Symbium, your permit will be issued automatically, without manual review or an in-person visit. Symbium even automatically verifies your contractor’s and business licenses. See sample image below.

    Symbium screenshot
  6. If you need to change a photovoltaic or energy storage system permit that was issued through Symbium, please contact the Building Counter with your building permit number and address.

  7. When you're ready, you can schedule your inspection.

  8. Stay informed. You will receive status updates by email as well as on your Symbium dashboard.